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Gómez-Peña and La Pocha Nostra core members met in Oaxaca City, Friday 17th to Sunday 26th November to hold their legendary international performance workshop, in partnership with La Curtiduría Centro de Artes Visuales


About the Pocha workshop: 


This school consists of 10 days with participants at La Curtiduría, Centro de Artes Visuales and become immersed in performance art with a focus on the human body as a site for creation, reinvention, memory and activism. We will place particular emphasis on the relationship between the human body and Chicano-Mexican identity. This amazing cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-generational laboratory will host a balance of local and international artists. We consider our performance workshop intensives to be our most important pedagogic endeavour of the year. 

The ‘Pocha workshop’ is internationally recognized as an amazing and rigorous artistic and anthropological experiment in which carefully selected artists from several countries and every imaginable artistic, ethnic, multicultural, and gender persuasion begin to negotiate common ground. Performance becomes the connective tissue and lingua franca for our temporary community of rebel artists.

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