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Natasha, Searching For Love in Prospect Lefferts 

The film follows Natasha (24, Aquarius, Ukraine, non-smoker), a 9-month pregnant Eastern European woman living in Prospect Lefferts, a low-income, largely Afro-Caribbean immigrant community in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Dasha Filippova’s skipt is composed of narratives of Russian-speaking women looking for an American husband from online dating sites, in which Filippova has participated. Done in a mockumentary style, the film shows the making of Natasha’s videos for her online profile. Natasha is followed by her cameraman, played by co-director Natalie Romero-Marx, a sexy-macho neighborhood lover, Beto Gabriel. The 24 minute film is divided into three parts, each corresponding to a different section of Natasha’s online dating profile: “In the Tub,” “Aquarius Dreams,” “I love money.” The first part is set in Natasha’s empty bathtub in her home. The second part is set in the Prospect Lefferts neighborhood and includes Natasha’s interviews with the local community on the topic of love and dreams. The third part shows Natasha, empowered by American self-help books, giving a talk on financial proclivity. The film ends with Natasha sending a letter in a plastic bottle into the community recycling station. The film sheds light on the perverse juxtaposition of the American dream with the material reality of immigrant life in America, as well as the embodied resilience of such communities and their capacities to dream. This film is in conversation with the theme of displacement and feminist eco-documentary.

Screenwriter - Dasha Filippova Directors Natalie Romero, Dasha Filippova

Producers- Natalie Romero, Dasha Filippova

Camera - Natalie Romero, Dasha Filippova

Editors - Natalie Romero, Dasha Filippova

Production designers - Natalie Romero, Dasha Filippova

Sound designers - Liam Elliot, Natalie Romero

Original music - Liam Elliot, Pia Paez, Valeriy Sirotyuk

Animation - Pegah Mehrdad 2021

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