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WACHUMA, THE SACRED PLANT MEDICINE is a documentary that reveals the gifts of the Grandfather Wachuma (Trichocereus/Echinopsis pachanoi), the ancient shamanic plant medicine used for over 4000 years in the Andes to cure many spiritual and physical illnesses. Through the lives of Oswald and Joann Pomaquiza, two shamans, immigrants and spouses serving this cactus medicine In South America and the United States, the film portrays their spiritual journey honoring the ceremonial practices an teachings of their Taita Miguel. Oswald, who was born in Ecuador, Immigrated to the US as a teenager. Joann, who was born in Cuba and raised practicing Afro-diasporic spirituality with her mother. She has been studious of many schools of thought like Tao, Buddhism and is today leader of the New Jersey Chapter of the Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC) where both are now dedicated to serving Wachuma medicine. This documentary seeks to amplify the teachings of the grandfathers, the ancient wisdom that the plant provides, what it takes to walk the path of the ancestors to live a good life in harmony with mother nature, destroying the illusion of separation that afflict us today. The film includes testimonies of the transformational effects of Wachuma in people’s life.

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Directed and Edited by Natalie Romero-Marx


Shot by

Brian Sachson 

Kyle Felleman

Natalie Romero-Marx


Produced by

Brian Sachson

Eclectic Productions

Natalie Romero-Marx


Space images by


Wachuma painting by Sarah Vacciarello


In order of appearance

Joann Pomaquiza, shaman

Oswald Pomaquiza, shaman

Miguel Mendiburu Saavedra, shaman

Nolan Checo, firekeeper

Carlos Angel, Hair stylist

Brian Sachson, filmmaker

Jessann Marie, spiritual healer



Andean Mountains, Ecuador Azogues, Ecuador Sacred Valley, Peru New York, USA


Songs by

Joann Pomaquiza

Nolan Checo

Marbelis Foster

Pond 5 Stock Music Night Fire by YourBlur Native American Indian Flute Background by Mark Teachey 2022

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